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Planner/Landscape Architect
San Francisco Planning Department
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In collaboration with the Market Street Prototyping team, Gray Area Foundation for the Arts and Autodesk are launching an Urban Prototyping Research Lab to incubate up to 10 projects from the 2015 Market Street Prototyping Festival. The 10 selected teams are invited to work alongside each other at the Grand Theater during a 6 month research and development iterative program.


Selected Teams


Months of research and development


  • To incubate projects from the 2015 festival for redeployment and semi-permanent installation for up to two years, beginning with the 2016 festival.
  • To foster interaction with San Franciscans and area residents through multiple engagement opportunities.
  • To keep the Urban Prototyping model and projects open source by documenting the process for others to use in other neighborhoods and cities.
  • To support the UP/MSPF community through a series of curated meetups.


  • 10 prototypes will be further developed and tested at Gray Area.
  • Feedback on projects during exhibition period will be received from at least 100 San Francisco residents.
  • A set of best practices for the engagement and consultation of neighboring communities will be developed.
  • Knowledge will be gathered to facilitate permanent and semi-permanent adoption of prototypes by the City and neighborhood stakeholders.
  • Process learned will be documented and shared with the Market Street Prototyping community of makers and designers.

Curriculum Overview

Since the completion of the 2015 Market Street Prototyping Festival, we have conducted community research and artist interviews to define a curriculum that will transform prototypes into semi-permanent installations for Market Street. At the beginning of the curriculum, each incubated project will successfully develop a workplan that will define milestones and deliverables in phases, leading to final deployment of the project. Each phase will include two workshops, a group meeting and opportunities for critique from the public and project partners.

Incubation Projects