Selected Project Inside Out Dance Studio
Inside Out Dance Studio. Concept art courtesy of the project team.

Kristen Jacobson
Dance Center Director at LINES Dance Center

G. Chris Griffin
Production Director at LINES Ballet

Sarah Riddle
Manager of Institutional Giving at LINES Ballet


Prototype Sponsor



Central Market

The mission of Alonzo King LINES Ballet’s “Inside Out Dance Studio” prototype is to raise awareness for the arts in Mid-Market, encourage the exploration of individual movement, and inspire creativity and artistry in everyday life.

Alonzo King LINES Ballet is a celebrated contemporary ballet company guided since 1982 by the unique vision of Artistic Director Alonzo King. The company is renowned original new works with other artists from diverse disciplines and cultures.

In addition to the professional company, LINES is dedicated to training the next generation of dancers through its pre-professional Summer Program, year-round Training Program, and Bachelor of Arts Program in conjunction with Dominican University. LINES also focuses on making dance accessible to Bay Area youth and adults through LINES Community Programs and LINES Dance Center, a cultural hub in the heart of Mid-Market (7th Street at Market).

Alonzo King LINES Ballet proposes to create “Inside Out Dance Studio” for the Market Street Prototyping Festival.

The “Inside Out Dance Studio” will be made entirely out of sustainable materials: a mirror with a barre attached. The back of the mirror will be covered with recycled LINES Ballet posters, and the mirror will be affixed with a decal of an inspirational quote by Alonzo King. The following is a tentative selection:

“The qualities we admire in great dancing are the same qualities we admire in human beings: honesty, courage, fearlessness, generosity, wisdom, depth, compassion, and humanity.” – Alonzo King

The idea is to encourage people to explore movement in the front of the mirror. Dance Center Director Kristen Jacobson will work with Training Program Director Karah Abiog and BFA Program Director Marina Hotchkiss to coordinate groups of students improving in the “Inside Out Dance Studio” in time slots throughout the 3-day period.

Ms. Jacobson will also be coordinating with Community Programs partners (DeMarillac and/or the Tenderloin Boys and Girls club) for participation by youth in our dance education programs.
In addition, all students who take classes at LINES Dance Center will be encouraged to improvise in front of the mirror as they come to and from class.

Ideally, passersby will be encouraged to record their own movement in front of the mirror and share on social media using a designated hashtag.

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